"For anyone dealing with the death of a parent, it is a very difficult time but for a child it is devastating. I know firsthand. My father died of cancer at the early age of 46 and I was only 16. This is why Camp Good Grief has become a passion of mine and our entire family. Children grieve differently than adults and Camp Good Grief gives them the opportunity and tools to overcome these tragedies. Please make time to join us on October 1st to celebrate life and know that your support is going to help children fulfill theirs."

Thank you! Mark Pugh
"Memorial Park Funeral Home and Cemetery is committed to a partnership with the Baptist Trinity Hospice Camp Good Grief as its mission is in keeping with our own and an extension of our service to grieving families. As a comprehensive Funeral Service Provider, we recognize the value of a strong grief support programs for our most vulnerable - the children. We believe that our participation facilitating a healthy grief process only enhances our ability to serve the Memphis area with excellence. We are honored to have opportunity to open the gates of the beautiful Memorial Park Funeral Home and Cemetery to assist and strengthen the ministry of Baptist Trinity Hospice's Camp Good Grief."
2019 Fundraising
Goal: $10,000
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